Flashflood 7

Wild party animal Shawn Green dies in a drunk driving accident and ends up in heaven. But, having never experienced a woman who can squirt he gets second chance and is sent back to earth to find a squirter. This is his quest.

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Aching Ball Handjobs Vol.30 Starring Judas

What makes a man work harder to keep from prematurely blowing his wad faster than a tattooed 20 year old Latina beauty from Texas? That???s what this guy has to do when the stunning Judas lets him watch her pee, then makes out with him and goes to work on his cock with a slow and teasing handjob.

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Muskan Kinky

Here you go, Punjabi Kink! "Muskan Kinky" is a forty-four minutes kink buffet! This is not for the faint of heart. If you think the Kama Sutra is risqué, wait until you see this! It starts off with a little stringy bondage and then they put the girl on a leash, just to keep her in tow!!

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Homegrown 596: Bloopers!

More award winning amateur from Homegrown features bloopers and fuck ups from some of their earlier works. In case you see a sexy little vixen that you'd like to see more, the producers have included the titles from which each of these bloopers comes! You can laugh and bust a nut! What more could you possibly want?

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Latin Jack Off # 3

Hot and spicy Latino studs want you to watch them stroke, fondle and play with their big dicks. They will explode a load just for you!

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Katya's Bareback Bikini Ride

Katya's Bareback Bikini Ride. Watch me ride a horse on a beautiful summer day! I love to ride bareback with the wind in my hair. Wearing nothing but my bikini & boots I go for an enjoyable ride! This bare back bikini ride includes me practicing riding on a special lucky horse. This is a romantic fantasy video where I dance my horse to music and enjoy the sunshine. You can see how wild and free I can be! Two of my favorite things are nature and animals. Placing them both on video was an awesome experience for me. This video is my all time favorite, I hope it becomes your favorite too!!!

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Katya's Insatiable Inflatables Volume. 9

Sexy Inflatable Bath & a Naked Girl! In my bathtub I blow up a large beach ball and play with my pussy in the water! There are several other inflatable pool toys I bring, like to ride and hump my inflatable toy poodle! When I get hot I begin to masturbate and blow harder! I get so dizzy and hot... it's really a very HOT TUB NUDE MASTURBATION SHOW!

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Falcon Pac 019 - Help Wanted

Self-confident loner Joe Andrews is a cocksman on the move, checking out the action in an abandoned warehouse where men meet for hot, no-questions-asked sex. Joe cruises several prospects then notices you. His stiff 10" are quickly out and up, tantalizing, teasing, challenging your desires, in the most-unusual Falcon solo yet: one that really delivers what you're on your knees for...

Footloose Joe Andrews encounters Falcon superstar Dick Fisk when he responds to a "Help Wanted" sign on a warehouse door. Hunky Fisk's come-on has Andrews rockhard in no time and before you know it, they're sixty-nining on a conveyor belt. The most incredible ram-rod penetration and standing-fuck episode seen anywhere makes this remarkable film Falcon's hottest ever and a must for every erotica collection.

Superstar Al Parker and Falcon discovery Jeff Turk meet along a mountain stream in the wild Blue Yonder. After a cocksucking introduction, Turk leads Parker back to his campsite, where the two studs take turns planting their fucksticks in the ass of Turk's startled-but-receptive buddy. Their simultaneous cross-fire cum shot has to be a film first.

Jeff Turk and gymnastics teammate Vince Clark are messing around in the lockerroom, turned on by having secretly spied on their hunky young coach Kirk Mannheim jerking off in the shower. They've taken turns swallowing each other's swollen cocks and Turk's throwing a stand-up fuck to Clark. Mannheim returns to the lockerroom, where he joins the party for a heavy-duty threeway, ending in a sweaty, naked heap of exhausting cum-spent studs.

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Outrageous Penetrations!

Here cum the girls that have never met a hole they couldn't fill! Sure, big thick cocks are fine...but they also love getting plugged with dildos of all shapes and sizes. In fact, they'll use just about anything that they can find to lube up and ram inside each other!

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StreetCam 211

Streetlife.com has the hottest live shows from New York City and is the #1 site for homeboys and ruffnecks. StreetCam 211 features seven scenes including three duos and four solo scenes. If you like hot black meat, then this tape is a definite MUST HAVE!

Live shows are a new thing for Jonny Blaze, but Blaze 1 shows him how it's done. They read the user comments and soon their long hard pricks are poking out everywhere. We get up close cock shots of smooth Black studs, then we get deep kissing, jacking and a blow job too! Both guys shoot big loads of cum onto young Jonny's body.

This sessions starts off slowly, tenderly, with necking and groping, but as soon as Vyper's cock is out Raven is all over that huge stick! Vyper rolls him over and fingers his hole to get it ready, then he pushes his rubber-covered cock into Raven's hole...too fast. Raven pulls away, but soon they get it right and Vyper nails Raven's ass good and Raven gets his back splattered with cum!

This hot little stud teases us with a big piece of meat in his boxers, then reveals all as he rubs his fingers around his tasty puckered hole and unloads a wad of cream from his prick.

While this sexy boy types to the webcam watchers, we get to feast on his smooth body and fat cock! Then, he gives us a couple of nice ass shots before pumping out his juicy load.

The computer is close by, but this guy's hands are busy stroking his cock and shoving his dildo in and out of his tight hole before finishing with an up-close shot of cum pouring from his dick.

Vyper's big fuck-stick is poking out of his boxers, so he takes them off and gives us a close-up view of his crank before he unloads his cum-filled balls. Then, he shows off his brown pucker and fucks his ass with his cum-lubed fingers.

Vyper and his pleasure-pole are back and this time nappy-headed Domguess is sucking on it, doing an excellent job of swallowing Vyper's big piece of meat. Vyper wants more action though, so he gets his tongue into Domguess' ass. They rub together like a couple of chicks then it looks like Domguess wants to get fucked as he rubs Vyper's cock all around his hole, but he changes his mind and goes back to sucking. Vyper eats out Domguess' ass again then shoots a high-flying load across Domguess' back!

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Deep Dildo Drilling!

Deep Dildo Drilling! Deep Dildo Drilling! Over 15 different ladies star in this Lesbian/Toy video with some scenes that are incredibly hot. Muff diving, ass plunging, deep drilling dildo madness, that will suck you in like a giant whirlpool of Hot, Lusty, Lady love.

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Virgins 5 Part 2

In part 2 of Virgins 5, the party cums indoors! We see a man interviewing 2 sexy Latina babes. When he discovers these two are virgins he decides it's time to teach these two girls the fine art of fucking! A sweaty threesome ensues and ends with a spicy hot Brazilian babe with an asshole full of sweet sticky cum!

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